The Makalei Canoe Club program is part of the Nā ‘Ōpio paddling organization and is open to youth paddlers 8 years old (or 3rd grade) to 18 years old (and still in high school) who pass a swim test.  Makalei is sponsored by Kailua Canoe Club.



PLEASE NOTE... Due to the sheer number of youth paddlers who have signed up, we are sorry to say we are no longer accepting paddlers for this years Makalei program.  We have made this decision based on the number of canoes available and to ensure the safety of all paddlers.  We encourage all youth paddlers to register with Kailua CC for the 2020 regatta season.  Registration information will be posted in February and conducted in March.




●  Saturday, January 11, 2020—Regatta #1*

●   Saturday, January 18, 2020—Regatta #2*

●   Saturday, January 25, 2020—Regatta #3*

●   Saturday, February 1, 2020—Regatta #4**

●   Saturday, February 8, 2020—BYE (no regatta)

●   Saturday, February 15, 2020—Regatta #5***

●   Saturday, February 22, 2020---Championships***

     (POTLUCK after the Championship Regatta)


*Roll call at 10 am; racing starts at 11 am

**Start time will be announced

*** Roll call at 7 am; racing starts at 8 am


All races are at Ke’ehi Lagoon unless we are otherwise notified by the officials.


a.  Paddlers need to be checked in with their coach no later than 10 am for Regatta #1, 2, and #3.  Check-in time/start of racing for Feb. 1 regatta #4 will be announced soon.

Check in for Regatta#5 and the Championship will be 7 am.

b. If you have not completed your paperwork or paid your dues, you will not be able to race.

c. No electronic or other distracting devices/items at races (at practice either). These include but are not limited to: boom boxes, handheld games, balls, Frisbees, etc.  Cell phones are to be used ONLY for communicating with family members.  Paddlers need to focus on paddling and their teammates ONLY!  Items mentioned will be confiscated and held for the duration of the regatta day if you are ignoring this request.

d. Bring sunscreen, towel, water, extra dry clothes, and a little money for the concession stand.  Bring your own sand chairs!

e. Call your coach if you are not coming or if you will be late.  We will not hold a place for you in a crew until we SEE you at the site!


We expect you to stay until the end of the regatta to (a) cheer your team mates on and (b) help clean up our site, put the canoe away, and take down the tents.  If your parents would like to help us with canoe holding on the start line, please let us know!  We could use as many boat holders as possible!


Important phone numbers:

Coach Johnna:  284-0485 
Uncle Bobby:  284-0361

Coach Barb:  271-1631

Coach Trevor: 450-1799

Coach Isaac: (804) 691-3331


Kailua Canoe Club

PO Box 177

Kailua, HI 96734

Since 1972