2024 Regatta Registration

WELCOME New and Returning Paddlers to the 2024 Regatta Season!  All Kailua Canoe Club registration is being done on-line.  It’s easy to do, but you’ll need the following documents as digital files to upload before you begin:

Headshot photo of amazing you!  No hats or glasses please.

Copy of ID (drivers license, birth certificate, passport, State ID, military ID) (military IDs require copies of front and back)

We encourage payment on-line (there is a 3% transaction fee), but if you prefer to pay by check there is a locked drop box inside the hālau at the paddling site where you can leave payments (be sure to include the paddlers’ names with payments)


DUES (All dues include a KCC race jersey and end of year event)TOTAL
Adult (Membership fee $125; annual activity fee $275)$400
Youth (18 and under)$250
10 and under$200

Family discounts are available when registering 2 or more family members.

 **Discounts are not available for 10 & Under Dues since they are already significantly reduced

ADULTS (2)$800-80$720
TEENS (2)$500-50$450
2 ADULTS, 1 TEEN$1050-160$890
1 ADULT, 2 TEENS$900-135$765
3 TEENS$750-115$635
2 ADULTS, 2 TEENS$1300-260$1040
1 ADULT, 3 TEENS$1150-230$920
4 TEENS$1000-200$800
Coaches$ 0.00
Coach’s spouse & children under 18$150.00 (includes rash guard and banquet ticket)
Board Members (Paddlers)$150.00 (includes rash guard and banquet ticket)
Board Members (Non-paddlers)$ 0.00 (includes rash guard and banquet ticket)
Makalei paddlers$20.00 discount
Scholarship Youth Paddlers$70.00 (with completed scholarship paperwork)

Paddlers will be fully registered upon completion of all paperwork and payment of dues.  Paperwork & dues status will be updated and posted on the bulletin board often, so please check periodically EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE TURNED EVERYTHING IN.  New paddlers who wish to try paddling are welcome to complete their paperwork and participate in practice for a one-week trial period.


New Paddler Frequently Asked Questions

When are practices?
Weekday afternoons and sometimes on the weekends.  Look for Coaches/Practice Schedule or check the bulletin board at the site for days and times.

Who is my coach?
Coach assignments are listed here and posted on the bulletin board at the practice site.

How do I know what division I am in?
If you are under 18 you paddle in your age group (age on 1/1 of the racing year).  If you have never paddled before and you are 19 and older, you are a Novice B.  If you have paddled before, even in one outrigger race, you are a Novice A.

What should I wear?
Most people like to wear board shorts, leggings, or bike shorts and a lightweight/athletic T-shirt. Wear clothing that can get wet and that you could swim in if you needed to.  Wear sunscreen and bring your own water.  Your coach may ask you to bring running shoes.

What if I have never paddled before?
We love to teach people to paddle.  For the Novice B division, it is a requirement that you have never raced in outrigger canoes before.  So everyone will be in the same boat, so to speak, as you are.

What if I just want to try it?
Great!  Be sure to fill out a registration form and waiver.  Then come to practice for a week and see how you like it before paying dues.

What if I can’t come until May or June?
We accept members throughout the season.  If you start the season half way through, you may not be able to race this year, but you will have lots of fun and a great start for next season.  On the other hand, some people learn quickly and if crews are not over full, there is a chance you will race.

What if I will be going on vacation this summer?
Be sure to tell your coach about any travel plans.  It is ideal to be at each practice, but people do leave for short periods during the season. If you will be away the entire summer (all of the regattas) you may want to consider waiting until next season to paddle.

Do I need a paddle?
Paddlers who wish to commit to the season will need to have their own paddle as soon as possible.  Please check with your coach to see if temporary practice paddlers are available or the best places to purchase a paddle.  Paddlers who steer will require a steering paddle.

We have a few practice paddles. Once you commit to paddling for the season, you will need to buy a paddle. Check with your coach to see what type of paddle they are recommending and the best place to purchase.

How long are practices?
Generally an hour to 90 minutes.

When are the races?
Regatta races are held on Sundays, with the State race on the first Saturday in August. Long distance races follow the regatta season for paddlers 16 years of age and older.

Are the kids the same age as my child?
The age that a youth paddler is on January 1st of the racing year is the youngest age group he/she can race in this year. Youth in the same crew will be generally of similar age.

How much does it cost?
Dues total $400 for adults, $250 for teens, and $200 for paddlers 10 & Under for the regatta season. This includes use of the equipment and coaching, race entry, registration and administrative fees, end of year event, and a club rash guard. Family discounts are available for people registering 2 or more family members.

I turned in paperwork and paid, now what?
Be sure to note when your crew practices and who your coach is. Sign up for club emails on the KCC website which also offers more information about the club.

What kind of shape should I be in?
You need to be able to swim. Ideally, you are involved in other sports and have a high level of strength, flexibility and endurance.  However, many people come to us with no athletic experience.  All are welcome.

Is it safe?
Regatta paddling is generally very safe.  Of course, you must know how to swim and be comfortable in the water. As with any sport, accidents can happen, so do your best to prevent accidents by following your coaches’ directions and staying alert during practices.

What do I bring first day of practice?
Your well-hydrated, lightly clothed, sun screened self, a paddle if you have one, a hat or visor, and a positive attitude.   You should have slippers, a towel and water bottle available also.

What is the difference between regatta and distance seasons?
The regatta season lasts from the first day of practices (starting at the end of March) through the first Saturday in August, which is the State Championship Regatta. Races are from 1/4 mile to 1-1/2 miles in length.

Following the State Championship is the Long Distance season; with races beginning at 5 miles and culminating with the Molokai Hoe race for men from Molokai to Oahu in October. The women have a similar race in September called Na Wahine O Ke Kai.

What does the club expect from me?
We expect each paddler to become the best paddler they can be and to contribute in positive ways to the club.

Once I have paid my dues, can I come and paddle from time to time for exercise?
It is an expectation that you will commit to your crew and to the club for the summer and make as many practices as possible.

Parent Information

Thank you for choosing Kailua Canoe Club!

No experience necessary.  We love to teach people how to paddle!

We appreciate your confidence in us and are committed to providing quality paddling education and coaching for your child.  Traditionally, our kids have been the foundation and strength of our club.  This year we expect a strong turnout in our youth division.  We are looking forward to a fun and competitive year!

Most crews paddle three days a week and maybe one day on the weekend.  Training will consist of paddling in the canoe and outside activities such as body weight exercises, running and swimming.  We also hope to expose our paddlers to other ocean related activities.

It is essential that your child know how to swim and feel comfortable in the ocean. Coaches will be giving a swim test, and if you have any concerns about your child’s comfort level in the water, please let us know.

We are committed to supporting our young watermen and women.  In fact, this year we are excited to be offering a Scholarships Program for our graduating seniors, as well as scholarships towards KCC dues for those with financial hardship, so please check the website for information.

Paddlers will be supervised to the best of the coach’s ability during every scheduled practice time.  Keep in mind that all of our coaches are volunteers.  Most have full time jobs and many are paddlers themselves.  While older children might walk, bike or drive to practice, if you have a young child, please check to make sure the coach is there before you drop your child off, and pick them up promptly after practice.

Paddlers who wish to commit to the season will need to have their own paddle as soon as possible.  Please check with your coach to see if temporary practice paddlers are available or the best place to purchase a paddle for your keiki.

Please communicate with your child’s coach well in advance if you will be traveling or unable to attend a race or practice for any period of time this summer.  Race crews are chosen on the basis of attitude, ability and attendance.  Every effort will be made to race each participating paddler.  However, in some cases where crews are large, or a paddler misses many practices, some team members may not race this season.  Coaches will do their best to see that each person in the crew is valued and included in all practices and activities, whether they make the race crew or not.

It is our standard practice that all paddlers and parent attend all races to support their child’s crew and the club. Parents will be expected to provide transportation for their child to each event.  At club events, coaches will do their best to look out for their crews, however they are not expected to supervise their team all day at regattas or at club events. COVID guidelines and restrictions set by our racing association may change race attendance guidelines.

We would love to have our KCC parents share their special talents or interests. The primary fund raising contribution we ask of our parents is to organize and run KCC’s food booth at our Kamehameha Day Regatta.  It takes many hands for our club to be successful.  We appreciate your help!

Please be sure that your child has completed their paperwork and paid their dues when they are due.  Even though you are registered to paddle for Kailua Canoe Club, we still must register your child with the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (OHCRA).

To register your child with Kailua Canoe Club with on-line registration, click here.

We are looking forward to a successful and fun 2024 paddling season!